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Workers' Compensation & UI

Our policy focus on workers' compensation and unemployment insurance in Maryland

Our focus: Workers' Compensation & Unemployment Insurance

We work to achieve a fair balance between the employer and employee in workers’ compensation claims. Similarly, we work toward policies to provide fair unemployment insurance benefits to workers without creating an undue burden on job creators.  

Key Issues Include

  • Changes to current workers compensation provisions relative to evidence and procedure 
  • Unemployment insurance increases 
  • Potential efforts to liberally amend the criteria to determining status as Independent Contractor vs. Employee as it relates to unemployment insurance eligibility 

Related Policy Priorities & Anticipated Issues for 2024

  • Solvency of the Maryland Unemployment Trust Fund: Every effort should be made by the state to ensure a healthy balance of the unemployment insurance trust fund. Any new funding proposals should consider the current economic landscape and cost implications for Maryland businesses.   
  • Unemployment System Reform: The business community supports an unemployment insurance system that balances the interests of both employees and employers and provides employers with clarity and transparency of the program’s operations and financial impact. Every effort should be made to evaluate potential changes against the programs of neighboring states so that Maryland businesses are not shouldered with excess burden compared to those in surrounding jurisdictions. 

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Our Workers' Compensation & Unemployment Insurance policy committee covers all workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance issues, focusing on issues like benefit increases and contractor classifications. This committee meets during the Maryland General Assembly’s Legislative Session as needed. Meetings are held remotely via video conferencing. 

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