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Energy & Envrionment

Our policy focus on energy and envrionmental issues for Maryland businesses

Our focus: Energy & Environment

Key Issues Include

We support community and business endeavors that sustain, enhance, protect and conserve Maryland’s natural resources for present and future generations. At the same time, we work to maintain the balance between economic need and environmental concern.  

Key Issues Include

  • Renewable energy sources 
  • Storm water and waste management 
  • Pollution control  
  • Land use and judicial review 

Related Policy Priorities & Anticipated Issues for 2024

  • Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: 
    • We closely monitor initiatives regarding renewable energy portfolio standards, clean energy goals, and transportation sector requirements. We support the development of clean and renewable energy sources and transportation initiatives by urging the use of market-based mechanisms and incentives and pushing for reasonable implementation timetables. These key components limit the impact on the state’s economy and ensure the protection of the manufacturing and transportation sector. 
    • Transitioning to electrification, especially with aggressive timelines, leads to increased cost burdens to ratepayers and businesses and strains the grid’s ability to handle increased demand. With a budget deficit forecasted in the coming years, we urge fiscal responsibility and prioritization of cost-effective solutions and measures that do not place a large cost burden on the state.
    • Finally, we support a diversified, equitable and inclusive energy portfolio, which enhances energy security, reduces dependence on a single source and ensures a reliable energy supply for all.  
  • Chemical Regulation: We support a science based regulatory structure that recognizes and considers the many unique properties and applications which exist within a single class of substances.
  • Recycling: We support market and science-based solutions for recycling that benefit the environment while balancing the needs of manufacturers, businesses and individuals.
  • Permitting Reform: We support the streamlining and modernization of permitting processes to identify and eliminate unnecessary obstacles and timelines. An efficient and effective permitting process reduces the cost of doing business and attracts investment.

All 2024 Legislative Priorities & Critical Issues

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Join our Energy & Environment Policy Committees  

Our Energy & Environment policy committee covers all energy and environmental issues. This committee has three subcommittees: Air Quality, Water Quality and Land Use & Natural Resources. This committee also participates in an annual meeting with the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Secretary and senior staff, usually in late November or early December.
This committee meets remotely via video conferencing at 8:30 a.m. on the first Thursday of the month outside of legislative session, and every Thursday during session.

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