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Our policy focus on taxation issues in Maryland

Our focus: Taxation

We support tax policy reform that reduces the cost of doing business. It is our goal to strengthen the state’s competitive tax climate to help attract and retain businesses, talent and investment.  

Key Issues Include

  • Reduction of corporate income tax
  • Income tax modifications and/or credits that incentivize knowledge and specialized skills retention of retirees for business support and growth in Maryland
  • Competitive business income tax structures that incentivize business and job retention and growth in Maryland.

Related Policy Priorities & Anticipated Issues for 2024

  • Business Tax Environment, Combined Reporting and Throwback Rule: We oppose the adoption of tax reapportionment schemes such as the “throwback rule,” mandatory unitary combined reporting, or any other system which creates an economic disadvantage for Maryland businesses. Combined reporting is especially problematic in uncertain and poor economic climates and will result in lower revenue for the state.
  • Expanding the Sales Tax on Services: We oppose any effort to expand the sales tax on services not currently listed in Maryland law.
  • Evaluation of Maryland’s De-coupling Provisions: We support a thorough evaluation of Maryland’s current de-coupling law related to the federal tax structure and the advantages and disadvantages that exist.
  • Remote Work: The General Assembly should address the outstanding challenges with nexus and apportionment rules relating to remote work and issue general rules instead of the current temporary guidance.
  • Alternatives to Raising Taxes: We encourage the General Assembly to evaluate all other alternatives to raising taxes on businesses as a source of revenue in an ever-changing economic environment. Any attempt to increase revenues must be matched with responsible cuts in state spending and other policies that spur economic activity and create jobs to expand the state’s tax base.

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Our Taxation policy committee covers all taxation issues impacting Maryland’s tax climate, focusing on efforts to make Maryland more competitive and that help attract and retain businesses, talent and capital investments. This committee meets every Friday during the Maryland General Assembly’s legislative session at 9:00 a.m. Meetings are held remotely via video conferencing.

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