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Health Care & Biopharma 

Our policy focus on health care and biopharma issues for Maryland

Our focus: Health Care & Biopharma

We believe in meaningful health care reform that allows employers to best meet the needs of their employees. We oppose mandated health benefit demands, as well as regulatory oversight and requirements. We also address issues in legislative interaction in the pharmacological discovery and development processes.

Key Issues Include

  • Potential modifications to Maryland’s health care delivery and financing systems resulting from federal health care law changes
  • Additional mandated benefit demands
  • Unnecessary and onerous restrictions on pharmacological research and development

Related Policy Priorities & Anticipated Issues for 2024

  • Pharmaceutical Pricing and Availability: We are sensitive to the concerns regarding cost and availability of prescription drugs and are supportive of developing comprehensive, long-term solutions to help slow the ever-increasing costs of health care in Maryland and to promote public policies that will help improve the overall health and well-being of Maryland’s citizens and our employees. Maintaining a viable health insurance market with affordable and accessible pharmaceuticals is essential to making Maryland a competitive place to do business.
  • Drug Dispensing Fees: We oppose the adoption of state mandated pharmaceutical dispensing fees on private employer drug benefit plans. These fees enhance neither the quality nor availability of healthcare services in Maryland but instead drive up the cost of healthcare for Maryland’s employers and employees.
  • Employee Development: We support workforce development initiatives that help produce qualified employees for Maryland’s ever increasing healthcare demands. A well-trained healthcare workforce is critical to ensuring the health and well-being of patients.

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Our Health Care & Biopharma policy committee covers all healthcare issues, focusing on controlling costs, streamlining regulations, and supporting innovation in Maryland's robust life sciences industry. This committee meets during legislative session as needed. Meetings are held remotely via video conferencing.

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