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Advocating for Business

We champion growth policies in key areas that impact our members and state

Core Policy Issues Impacting Maryland Businesses

We focus our advocacy work on several key policy issues that impact businesses in Maryland.  Policy Committees, made up of representatives from our coalition of members, provide priorities, insights and expertise to guide our work on these topics. Learn more about the core policy issues we focus on, and access resources like policy primers, economic data, helpful resources and more. Get informed and get involved — your perspective strengthens our advocacy and can help make Maryland better for business.

Three people sitting at a table and having a conversation while looking at paperwork.

Business Regulations

Advocating for regulations that allow companies to operate efficiently and effectively

Thurgood Marshall Statue and Memorial in Annapolis located on the State House Square in front of a historic brick building

Civil Liability

Supporting civil liability laws that do not expose businesses to excessive litigation costs and risks

A person types and works on a laptop in a room filled with computer and tech equipment and wires while surrounded by metal and class.

Cyber & Technology

Advocating for policies that grow and retain technology and cybersecurity innovation

Two people dressed in construction safety gear and talking as they stand in the middle of a construction site.

Education & Workforce

Advocating for education and workforce policies to meet and support business needs

Three large windmills standing on a large green field with a cloudy sky in the background.

Energy & Environment

Supporting balanced policies that enable business growth while protecting natural resources

An individual wearing safety glasses, a white mask, a white lab coat and blue gloves uses a test tube and petri dish while a person in the background stocks shelves with medical items.

Health Care & Biopharma

Advocating for health care policies that balance access, quality and cost-effectiveness

A person wearing orange safety gear and thick yellow gloves places equipment on a solar panel.

Labor & Employment

Advocating for balanced labor laws and regulations that support the needs of employers

A photo of the Maryland Flag waving in front a bright blue sky with a brick building in the background.


Supporting competitive tax policies to attract and retain businesses, talent and capital investment

An image at dusk of a freeway with streaks of white head lights on the left and red and yellow tail lights on the right, with views of large city skyscrapers in the distant background.


Advocating for investments and policies that strengthen infrastructure and transit networks

A group of people meeting around a wood table with laptops, pens and paper.

Workers' Comp & UI

Advocating for balanced workers' compensation and unemployment insurance systems

Get involved in our policy advocacy work and lend your voice on issues that impact your business

Explore our anticipated critical issues and legislative agenda for the upcoming legislative session