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Introducing the Building Bridges to Recovery Coalition

In the wake of the catastrophic Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, the Maryland Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with the Greater Baltimore Committee, World Trade Center Institute, Greater Washington Partnership, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other key partners to launch the Building Bridges to Recovery Coalition. This broad-based coalition brings together stakeholders from across sectors to address the challenges and disruptions caused by this tragic disaster. The coalition serves as a centralized advocate and resource hub for businesses throughout Maryland. We are facilitating information exchange, resource sharing and advocacy efforts to support organizations of all sizes and industries impacted throughout the state of Maryland.

Strength in Partnership 

Now more than ever, the business community must stand united. The repercussions of this disaster reverberate far beyond physical infrastructure, impacting the very livelihoods of businesses, employees, and families. By pooling our resources, expertise and influence, we can amplify our collective voice, enhance our capacity to navigate these challenges effectively, and advocate for the interests of Maryland's business community.

Impact Survey Report

Amidst the aftermath of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, the Building Bridges to Recovery Coalition quickly emerged, uniting key stakeholders like the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, Greater Baltimore Committee, World Trade Center Institute, Greater Washington Partnership and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, among others. Together, we conducted a comprehensive survey to gauge the impact on businesses statewide.

Through coordinated outreach efforts, the coalition gathered insights from a diverse range of affected businesses and non-profits. This report presents the survey’s key findings with the goal of raising awareness and fostering collaboration among support networks, all to help businesses and nonprofits navigate the challenges stemming from this incident.

Join Us 

Learn more about the coalition and its members, and reach out to Maryland Chamber Vice President of Marketing & Communications Abbi Ludwig at if you would like to get involved.

Access Resources at the Recovery Hub

The coalition has launched a Recovery Resource Hub at, compiling key information, updates and support resources for impacted businesses.

Letters of Support

The Building Bridges to Recovery Coalition supports the following:

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Corporate Partners

The coalition thanks these corporate partners for providing vital support: