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Public Service Award

Meet the Maryland Public Service Award Recipients

The Public Service Award honors a singular outstanding public servant for her or his contributions to help advance Maryland’s economy and quality of life. Without question, this is an elite but essential group of dedicated individuals. The Public Service Award is presented annually at our Inspire MD event.

A headshot of Delores Kelley

2023: Senator Delores Goodwin Kelley, Ph.D.

A headshot of Governor Larry Hogan

2022: Governor Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr

A headshot of Freeman Brabowski III

2019: Freeman A. Brabowski, III

A headshot of Carla Hayden

2018 :Carla Hayden, Ph.D.

Librarian of Congress

A headshot of Kevin Manning

2017: Kevin J. Manning, Ph.D.

Former President, Stevenson University

A headshot of Barbara Mikulski

2016: Senator Barbara A. Mikulski

A headshot of Delegate Michael Busch

2014: Delegate Michael E. Busch

A headshot of Senator Mike Miller

2013: Senator Mike Miller

A headshot of William Kirwan

2012: William E. "Brit" Kirwan

Chancellor of the University System of Maryland

A headshot of Dr. Nancy Grasmick

2011: Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick

Former Maryland State Superintendent of Schools