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2024 Legislative Recap and Achievements

Apr 25, 2024

As we reflect on Maryland’s 2024 legislative session, we can take pride in the impact achieved when Maryland's business community speaks with one voice.

While this legislative session was filled with challenges for businesses, including the threat of burdensome regulations, increased costs and state budget deficits, our advocacy efforts ensured that policymakers heard the concerns and priorities of businesses loud and clear. We actively opposed damaging proposals like combined reporting, expanding the state sales tax to services, and an onslaught of new regulations that would strain companies. Through our collective voice, we prevailed on many fronts vital to making Maryland more competitive and better for business.

Through the collective strength of our members, the Maryland Chamber Federation and our dedicated team, we emerged victorious on many of the key issues facing our coalition of more than 6,800 businesses and job creators from every corner of Maryland. Together, we demonstrated the essential role that the private sector plays in driving innovation, creating jobs and sustaining the vibrant communities that define our state.

Guided by your priorities, we focused on responsible government spending, equitable transportation funding, data privacy, military retirement tax elimination and childcare incentives.

We supported 18 pieces of legislation during the 2024 session, including the Governor's Critical Infrastructure Streamlining Act, the Transparent Government Act, the Keep Our Heroes Home Act, the Economic Competitiveness Act and the Clean Slate Act. Simultaneously, we fought against proposals that would push Maryland further down the ladder of economic competitiveness, successfully opposing 42 bills, with only a few receiving final passage.

While the legislative session has concluded, our advocacy for a thriving business climate continues.

  • In the coming weeks, our government affairs team will provide a detailed review and analysis of legislation, and its implications for members and the broader business community. I encourage you to view a recording of our recent Legislative Session Recap webinar and be on the lookout for our forthcoming 2024 Legislative Report.
  • We will release more data from our 2024 Competitiveness Redbook, focusing on metrics like employment growth, population trends and taxation, essential for assessing Maryland's economic standing.
  • I will continue advocating for the business community's interests through my role on the Maryland Economic Council and ongoing dialogue with policymakers and leaders.
  • Additionally, we remain steadfast in our support for the business community through initiatives like the Building Bridges to Recovery Coalition, which aims to ensure businesses statewide receive the resources and advocacy they need to navigate the aftermath of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse and to emerge stronger.

The successes we achieved during the 2024 legislative session would not have been possible without your contributions to our advocacy efforts. As we look ahead, we need your continued support and engagement to maintain our momentum and ensure that Maryland becomes more competitive and better for business.

The diversity and resilience of Maryland's economy — spanning agriculture, manufacturing, hospitality, biotechnology and beyond — are invaluable assets, but we need your voice and support to ensure their continued growth and success. Your active participation and support are vital to amplifying the business community's message and driving meaningful change.

As we close the chapter on another legislative session, let us do so with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism. Despite the challenges we face, the opportunities ahead are even greater. Together, through partnership and collaboration, we can navigate challenges and capitalize on these opportunities to build a brighter future for Maryland businesses and communities alike.


Mary D. Kane
President & CEO

A headshot of Maryland Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Mary Kane

Mary D. Kane
President & CEO
Maryland Chamber of Commerce