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Key Bridge Response

Resources for Workers Affected by Key Bridge Collapse

Apr 1, 2024

In the wake of the recent Key Bridge collapse, many workers in Maryland find themselves confronting unforeseen challenges and uncertainties. Whether directly affected or concerned about the broader implications for employment and livelihoods, it’s important to know what support is available.

In partnership with local agencies and organizations, we're compiling a comprehensive list of resources and assistance services tailored to aid affected workers during these difficult times. Please find current resources below.

Maryland Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance Hotline

The Maryland Department of Labor has created an unemployment insurance hotline for workers affected by the Key Bridge Collapse. Call (667) 930-5989 from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, or file online through BEACON.

Learn more about the Maryland Department of Labor's Key Bridge resources at

Maryland Department of Transportation: Commuter Choice

Below are free resources for employees, including program information, incentives and support from Commuter Choice Maryland to find, use and implement commuting options:

  • Free registration to find carpool and vanpool ridematches at Commuter Connections
  • Additional vanpool search at Commute with Enterprise
  • Free Guaranteed Ride Home program gives commuters six free rides home from work per year for personal or family emergencies and unscheduled overtime
  • Park and Ride Lots that connect you to transit or serve as a meeting place for carpool and vanpool groups
  • Co-working locations for remote work
  • MDOT bicycle and pedestrian resources

Learn more at

Workforce and Economic Development

If you need assistance applying for unemployment insurance, connecting with temporary jobs and more, area career and workforce development organizations may be able to assist you:

Additional resources will be added as updates become available.