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Key Bridge Response

Message to Business Community in Wake of Key Bridge Collapse

Mar 29, 2024

The catastrophic bridge collapse that happened earlier this week has left our community reeling. This vital infrastructure connected our neighborhoods and enabled the movement of goods, services and tens of thousands of daily commuters. Its failure has already had an immense impact on businesses, residences and communities across the region — an impact will continue in the weeks, months and years to come.

Disruptions to Businesses

We understand that this disaster has created significant disruptions and challenges for many of you. The bridge loss cuts off major transportation routes and severs critical supply chains. It strains communities, making it difficult for you, your colleagues and employees to get to work, school and appointments. The impacts will lead to lost revenue, wages and productivity. The repercussions will ripple through our local economy and lives in the coming days, weeks and months.

Please Share Your Needs

During this difficult time, please know the Maryland Chamber of Commerce team is preparing to support you in any way we can. Your feedback is critical. In partnership with the World Trade Center Institute and Greater Baltimore Committee, we kindly request feedback on how your business is being impacted and what resources would be most helpful to you at this time.

Initial Action Plan: Building Bridges to Recovery

  • As the days and weeks progress, we know it will be helpful to have access to a one-stop resource hub. We have created a new section of our website, which provides and links to updates, resources for businesses, information on support services and more.
  • We are working with Governor Wes Moore's Office, the Maryland Department of Commerce, leaders in Maryland's General Assembly and throughout the Baltimore region, the Department of Transportation, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, local and regional chambers, community groups, and the Port of Baltimore to form a joint response coalition coordinating support for impacted businesses, supply chains, transportation and the regional economy.
  • We are offering commentary and perspective to local, regional and national media to ensure the massive economic impacts on our business community are understood and that robust recovery assistance is provided.

This bridge connected us, and its loss impacts all of us. But our state’s strength and resilience will see us through this challenge together. We stand ready to help our members and Maryland's business community recover and rebuild.