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Meet David White, Inventor of Ingestible Tablet Technology for Livestock Health

Dec 18, 2023

Maryland has a diverse, thriving business community filled with people and organizations making our state stronger. Among them are talented young professionals making their mark, who we’ll meet through the Maryland’s Rising Stars podcast — a new podcast series from the Maryland Chamber of Commerce and presented by UnitedHealthcare.

In episode two, we have the pleasure of meeting David White, an inventor and entrepreneur who is improving livestock health through innovative technology.

David is the founder and CEO of Maryland-based Tomorrow’s Bio Today, a company dedicated to advancing diagnostic capabilities in veterinary medicine. A resident of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, David invented an adjustable tablet camera system that can be ingested by large animals like cows and horses to capture images of their internal organs. This technology builds upon and enhances previous endoscopy methods, making it safer, faster, and more affordable for veterinarians and farmers.

David’s Inspiring Journey of Innovation and Impact

Originally, David envisioned his ingestible camera invention being used for human endoscopies. However, he made a pivotal pivot after recognizing the massive market potential in livestock and veterinary medicine.

This shift initially made David hesitant, but he soon realized the massive value his technology could bring to farmers and veterinarians through early illness detection and more affordable procedures. His conversations with local farmers revealed demand for better solutions to manage livestock health in safer, affordable and faster ways.

Beyond the technology itself, David’s journey has taught him important lessons, which he shares for the benefit of other entrepreneurs and innovators. He stresses the importance of letting go of assumptions, taking risks to connect with potential customers, and soliciting candid feedback even when it stings. As he notes, “take what’s necessary and leave the rest.”

Giving Back Through Mentorship and Community Support

David is passionate about giving back by mentoring youth and funneling resources into his local community. He credits his own mentors with pushing him outside his comfort zone and instilling the mindset that economic success should tie back to community impact.

As a result, David aims to promote technology access and training for young people while also supporting local businesses. He sees endless opportunities for entrepreneurs to create mutually beneficial partnerships that lift up entire communities.

Key Takeaways from David White’s Inspiring Journey

  • Be open to pivots that unlock bigger markets for your innovation.
  • Embrace critical feedback to strengthen your product and business.
  • Community impact can take many routes — mentorship, giving back and supporting a community need in ways that aren’t just via financial donations can be incredibly helpful and empowering.
  • Enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship, building your company or your career.

David’s story offers incredible insights for rising stars aiming to take on new challenges, create something innovative, and drive positive changeHis knack for innovation and entprerenuership is a great example of what makes Maryland’s business landscape so vibrant. We can’t wait to see the continued impact of David’s work empowering farmers, supporting communities and advancing livestock health and welfare.

You can learn more about David and Tomorrow's Bio Today at Be sure to check out the Maryland’s Rising Stars podcast to hear more inspiring stories of innovators and changemakers across the state.

About the Maryland’s Rising Stars Podcast

Through the Maryland’s Rising Stars podcast series, we’ll meet and hear the stories of our state’s phenomenal young professionals, entrepreneurs and visionaries who are making a big impact through their work. They’ll share their passions, their visions for the future, and how they are driving transformation in their industries and communities each and every day — and we’ll also get an early look at the emerging leaders who represent the future of Maryland, and whose ideas, innovations and commitment to service will shape our state for years to come.