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Commentary: Maryland Must Do More for Military Retirees

Nov 10, 2023

Strengthening Maryland's Future: A Call to Prioritize Tax Breaks for Military Retirees

In the face of workforce shortages, budget deficits, and a growing exodus of residents seeking residence in states with lower costs of living, Maryland stands at a critical juncture. To ensure its economic vitality and competitiveness, the state must address these challenges head-on. Notably, among the groups at risk of leaving are military retirees — individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving the nation and who possess valuable skills that could significantly contribute to Maryland's growth.

In a compelling guest commentary for The Baltimore Sun, Mary D. Kane, President and CEO of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, sheds light on the urgency of retaining military retirees within the state. Maryland, she argues, lags behind neighboring states in attracting and keeping this highly skilled demographic, in large part due to inadequate tax incentives. Kane contends that enhancing tax breaks for military retirees is not just a goodwill gesture but a strategic investment in the state's future.

Read President & CEO Mary D. Kane’s Op-Ed in the Baltimore Sun

This op-ed was originally published by The Baltimore Sun on November 10, 2023.

A headshot of Maryland Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Mary Kane

Mary D. Kane
President & CEO
Maryland Chamber of Commerce