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Celebrating Progress & Advocacy on Behalf of Business

Oct 11, 2023

It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since I took on the role of President & CEO at the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.

As I reflect on the progress we have made during this time, I am profoundly proud of what we have accomplished together thanks to the unwavering support of our Board of Directors, the invaluable engagement of our members and partners and the dedication of our remarkable staff.

Over these past two years, we have made significant advancements by:

  • Redefining our mission, underscoring our commitment to creating a Maryland where all businesses and communities thrive.
  • Establishing a robust three-year strategic plan which guides our work as the unified voice of Maryland’s business community.
  • Building strong relationships with policymakers, community partners and the Maryland business community, working to ensure the voice of Maryland businesses is heard.
  • Creating an understanding of Maryland’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities through our inaugural Competitiveness Redbook, using data on how our state compares against our region and nation to drive meaningful discussions on improving Maryland’s economic competitiveness and growth.

As we look ahead, there’s still much more to accomplish. In the upcoming year, as we celebrate the Maryland Chamber of Commerce’s 55th anniversary, you can expect to see:

  • Completing the launch of our new website and membership platform, both designed to better engage and support the Maryland’s business community. We expect these new and improved tools to launch by the end of October.
  • Launching HYPE: Helping Young Professionals Excel, a program that will engage young professionals through events and opportunities where our state’s up-and-coming leaders can learn about advocacy, policy and business.
  • Hosting new and refreshed events to convene business leaders, community members, and policymakers, and continuing our work to create awareness and improve Maryland’s economic competitiveness.
  • Expanding our advocacy team and work to further support our members and champion their priorities more fully on regulations, healthcare, taxes, data privacy, transportation and more.

I am deeply proud of all that we have accomplished together over the last two years, and am energized for the work ahead. Together, we will shape policies that make Maryland more business-friendly, drive job creation and economic growth and foster vibrant communities where everyone can thrive.


Mary D. Kane
President & CEO
Maryland Chamber of Commerce