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5 Questions with Damita Robinson, Treasurer for the Maryland Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Aug 18, 2023

We recently sat down with Damita Robinson, the newly elected Treasurer for the Maryland Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, to learn more about why she believes so strongly in the mission of our organization and how her expertise will strengthen our work.   

What inspired you to get involved with the Maryland Chamber of Commerce?

I have always believed in the valuable work the Maryland Chamber of Commerce provides on behalf of the businesses throughout the state of Maryland. The Chamber plays such a vital role in supporting Maryland’s business community and fostering economic growth. It’s very rewarding to support work that does critical work to improve our state’s business climate and quality of life. 

How does your experience as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer for Andrews Federal Credit Union intersect with your role as Treasurer for the Maryland Chamber of Commerce? In what ways do these positions complement each other?

In my role at Andrews Federal Credit Union, I work closely with businesses, individuals, families and communities — and I’ve witnessed firsthand the opportunities and challenges they face, and how financial viability impacts everyone’s quality of life. Ensuring that businesses have advocates and a network of support is so important to ensuring that both businesses and communities can thrive, and I’m proud to partner with and serve on the Maryland Chamber of Commerce Board to help with that work.  

Andrews FCU and the Chamber share a commitment to supporting local economic development, job creation, and fiscally responsible practices. As Treasurer, I look forward to combining my credit union finance expertise with the Chamber’s focus on strengthening Maryland’s business climate. There’s no doubt that the financial landscape has been changing and has been challenging for individuals and businesses. To that end, engaging members of the financial industry to collaborate with the Maryland Chamber will bring value added solutions for businesses, communities and individuals. 

From your experience and perspective, how do you believe businesses contribute to the overall strength and well-being of communities? 

Businesses provide jobs, drive innovation, and generate tax revenue that fund community services. They also sponsor local nonprofits and initiatives that address social issues. When businesses thrive, communities reap the benefits, and our economy thrives. I’m proud to support the Chamber’s work to make Maryland better for business so that businesses invest, grow and stay in our great state.  

What does it mean to have a competitive business climate and why should organizations support and engage in the Maryland Chamber of Commerce? 

Having a competitive business climate attracts more companies and jobs to Maryland, which provides wide-ranging benefits — from creating economic opportunities for residents to generating tax revenue that funds essential community programs and services. 

It’s critical for business leaders and organizations across industries to actively engage with and support the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber serves as the unified voice of the business community, advocating for pro-business policies and legislation that allow companies to grow and thrive here. 

By getting involved with the Chamber, business leaders can help shape a more business-friendly environment. Having diverse, on-the-ground perspectives represented makes the Chamber’s advocacy efforts stronger and more informed. The more voices we have, the stronger our advocacy efforts can be — and strong advocacy for Maryland’s business interests ultimately strengthens communities across our state.

Looking ahead, what are you most excited about or looking forward to in your new leadership role as a member of the Executive Committee for the Maryland Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors?

The mission of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce — advancing inclusive partnerships for a Maryland where all businesses and their communities thrive — resonates with me deeply. With a strong business environment, our economy can flourish — and our communities, families and state will grow stronger. I am looking forward to sharing the knowledge from my over 35 years of experience in the financial arena to strengthen and further the mission of the Maryland Chamber. 

We’re looking forward to learning from Damita’s expertise, and greatly appreciate her passion and leadership to help create a Maryland where all businesses and their communities thrive.

Damita Robinson is a dynamic leader and the Chief Operations Officer for Andrews Federal Credit Union, a prominent financial institution headquartered in Suitland, Maryland with a strong presence throughout the United States and globally. With over 35 years of experience in finance, human resources, and organizational development, Damita brings strategic insight and expertise to her role. She oversees strategic and operational activities, ensuring that Andrews Federal Credit Union delivers exceptional financial services while contributing to the economic growth of the regions it serves. Passionate about advocating for the business community, Damita recently took on the position of Treasurer for the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.