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How Partnerships Between Educators and Business Benefit Our Future Workforce

Apr 3, 2023

The world of business and industry is forever changing. New technologies and innovations are a constant — new jobs, new fields, new ways of working and a variety of career pathways that, in some cases, did not exist a few years ago. 

Ensuring that the workforce of tomorrow is prepared for an ever-evolving job market is critical to building the pipeline of highly qualified employees that businesses need to continue their growth and success.  

An innovative and effective approach to prepare students for their future careers lies within partnerships between businesses and educators, like the Maryland Chamber Foundation’s Teacher Externship Program.

Now in its fifth year, this unique program will pair a record 23 teachers from across the state with leading, innovative Maryland businesses for a four-week-long externship. During these impactful — and busy! — four weeks, teachers will be introduced to various jobs and career pathways available with their host company and industry overall.  

Upon completion of these valuable experiences, educators will return to their schools and classrooms with a great understanding of the skills and knowledge that employers are looking for, and of the various career pathways that await our future workforce. 

The 2023 Maryland Chamber Foundation Teacher Externship Program will kick off in July 2023.  As this year’s program launches, we’ll be introducing you to the educators and teachers who make up this year’s externship program — and sharing the stories of the impact this important program will have on the workforce of tomorrow.

As businesses continue to face significant challenges with attracting, hiring and retaining skilled workers to fill critical positions, we are proud to offer this important opportunity that results in members of the future workforce having the skills, knowledge and connections they’ll need to fill available jobs and have successful careers.

Blog post contributed by Whitney Harmel

Whitney Harmel is the executive vice president of the Maryland Chamber, executive director of the Maryland Chamber Foundation, with expertise in small, large, local and international business. She is passionate about sharing the Chamber’s vision with the Maryland business community because the transformational work we do in economic development and grassroots advocacy and through the Maryland Chamber Foundation will make Maryland a stronger state for everyone.