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Leading Women: Shawe Rosenthal LLP’s Teresa Teare

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By Aimee Buck

(March 13, 2017 — Annapolis, Md.) Ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, and they will usually say a doctor, teacher, firefighter, nurse—something along those lines. Most children don’t actually become what they say. Teresa Teare did. 

Teare, born and raised in Maryland, has wanted to be a lawyer for as long as she can remember. Her grandfather was a lawyer for the FBI, and she aspired to follow in his footsteps. 

From early on, Teare knew what it was like to balance a family and a career. She, with the help of her husband, worked to put herself through law school at the University of Baltimore, and even had her first child while still in school. 

“Growing up, I was taught that women could succeed in anything,” Teare said. “I kept this idea with me throughout my time at law school, and I knew that no matter how challenging it was balancing a family and school, I could do it.” 

Shortly after her graduation from the University of Baltimore School of Law, Teare began working at Maryland Chamber member Shawe Rosenthal LLP, a law firm in Baltimore that specializes in employment and labor issues. In 2012, Teare was promoted to partner.

Teare went into employment and labor law because many of the people who work in human resources are women. She said she enjoys the time she spends working with women in these industries by helping to create a positive work environment.

“I have a firm belief  that women have the ability to succeed,” Teare said. This belief inspired Teare to support and mentor young aspiring lawyers in the Baltimore area. She frequently returns to her alma mater, UB Law, to speak at the Civil Advocacy Clinic held at the school. 

“As an alumna of the Civil Advocacy Clinic at the University of Baltimore School of Law, Teresa has been generous in coming back to the clinic over the years and sharing her insights with current students,” said Michele Gilman, a professor at the university.

“She talks to students about the qualities necessary to excel as a lawyer,” Gilman continued. “She stresses hard work, attention to detail, preparation, and a range of professional values that we are working to impart to our students. 

“Because Teresa is a leader in her field, students take her advice very seriously.” 

Not only do students take Teare’s advice seriously, many of them stay in contact long after they meet her. She takes pride in the fact that she knows where they are and what they are doing. She encourages students and young lawyers not to give up their dream to pursue law, and advises them to find a balance and stick with it.

“The profession and practice of law can be challenging, but in every challenge you are learning something,” Teare said. “It is easy to say, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore because it’s too hard.’”

Shelby Skeabeck, a co-worker at Shawe Rosenthal, LLP, firmly agreed.

“Teresa has been an outstanding mentor,” said Skeabeck. “Working on cases with her has made learning how to practice law a positive experience for me. Along with being a great lawyer, she is always willing to help me with any legal question I have and provide guidance on my career.” 

If there’s no other measure of her success, consider that Teare became partner after just seven years at Shawe Rosenthal LLP—an accomplishment that extends beyond ability to leading by example.

“Her door is always open and she always has a smile on her face, which makes it a pleasure to work for her,” said Skeabeck.